Course Syllabus
Residential Property Damage


#1 Adjuster Training
This is what the adjuster will be looking for when he or she goes into the field.
It will also give the adjuster a process to follow when working the claim.
#2 Writing the Estimate.
This lesson will show the mathmatics needed to determine the amounts used to calculate the dollar amounts to settle the loss.
#3 How to Measure a room
Show why you would need to make a diagram of the area to be measured.
#4 Foundation Block and Brick
Discuss the masonary trades and types of damage the adjuster will encounter
#5 Framing
Shows the general Construction of residential dwellings and discuss slab, pier and beam construction
#6 Framing Walls, Ceilings and Roofs
Discuss causes of damage and repair methods, discuss types of roofs.
#7 Roofs and Interiors
Continuation of lesson #6, Discuss cause of damage and methods of repairs, discuss insulation, sheetrock damage and repair.
#8 Measuring the Roof
Show different types of Roofs and how they are measured, Discuss the quantity of shingle material needed to cover the various types of roofs.
#9 Scoping the Loss
Shows differnt types of damages and discusses what is needed to return the damaged area to it's prior condition.
#10 Discussion of Claims
Photos and discussion of actual claims.